Sayeh Parsaei was born in 16th of October 2002 ,Iran    she is studying music in high school

she attended these workshops:

(  georgina kakoudaki ) 2017
(Maria mikedaki) 2017
(catherine schunb -abkarian ) 2017
(Enriko bonuvera ) 2017
( sotiris karamesinis / MUSA ) 2017
(linda kapetanea jozef frucek / fighting monkey) 2017

she attended these exhibitions:

“BE QUIET MY ARTWORKS ARE SLEEPING” /Azadi tower /iran 2018.

”HARIRE HONARE SHARGH” group exhibition /Milad tower 2017.

“Beyond Borders” group exhibition /Wroclaw /Poland 2016.

“Beyond Borders” group exhibition /Mohsen Gallery /Iran 2016 .

”SOLH YANI…” Hiroshima /Japan 2016 .

“BE QUIET MY ARTWORKS ARE SLEEPING’ Mirmiran gallery /Iranian Artists Forum 2015.

”PARVAZ RANG HA” group exhibition /Nami gallery/Iranian Artists Forum 2010.


she attended in Beyond Borders Festival and cooperated with the polish teenagers 2016.

 A member of the Iranian artist club .


I do grim on my face for showing different characters in the life. any of them has their own treatment which effect on their appearance.

I try to show the inside and the outside of any of these characters who i make their features on my own body and face, The most important thing to me is to change my character by creating these new characters. The other options that make a new characters is my clothing ,my look ,figure and my body style .

I haven’t been taught in this skill so i’m not an expert and i haven’t got much experience and i do all of these face paintings by using the most simple material and equipment with my own feeling and i do it because it’s my personal interest.

the most interesting thing to me is meeting a new guy in front of the mirror while having a grim on my face.